About us

Founded in 1902, Beltinge Baptist Church has been an ongoing worshipping community for 119 years.

 In 1925 Beltinge Baptist Church became independent of its mother church Herne Bay Baptist.

We are a child-friendly, welcoming and inclusive fellowship made up of ordinary people from many walks

of life. Our Minister is Rev Gordon Penman.

 Sunday by Sunday, and also on other occasions the gospel of Jesus Christ is faithfully proclaimed in this Baptist church.

We subscribe to the Core values of the 


We support                                   Our BMS representatives are Alan Avery and Andrew Avery.


We also support                                        Our Home Mission representative is Mary Burton.

The church has a safeguarding policy, based on the Baptist Union of Great Britain's Safe to Grow policy.  This is reviewed at the church's Annual General Meeting in March and is displayed on the notice board in the Hall.

You can download a copy of our policy by clicking the PDF below