Our Mission Aims

We achieve our Mission Statement in the following way:

1. Prayer. 

We are encouraged to pray for the ministry and mission of Beltinge Baptist Church. Prayer is indispensable to mission.  Prayer should be continual.  We are encouraged to pray as individuals and together as a church.  We are to pray for each other and for those around us who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


2. Worship.

We are a community of believing disciples gathered in the name of Jesus for worship, witness and service.  As such we are free to determine the patterns of worship through the Holy Spirit and through prayerful reflection on the Bible.  Bible-based worship services (normally, though not always held on Sundays) are always designed to teach the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ in ways which are practical, sensitive and intelligible to others.  Sharing Holy Communion is central to our worship.


3. Evangelism.

In accordance with Jesus’ commands we must love those around us and seek non-threatening ways of building relationships with them.  We regularly hold events and services designed for non-church (seekers) and members of the fellowship are strongly encouraged to attend these events and invite those they meet to come to them.

4. Church Meeting. 

Important decisions relating to mission and ministry are discussed and voted upon at Church Meetings.  Church Meetings are significant because we believe that the mind of Christ and the will of God are discerned together in these meetings.